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Welcome To Maggie's Farm, of WAKA Kickball!

Stein This is the webpage for Maggie's Farm, a Raleigh-Durham kickball team, currently in its second year of existence in WAKA play! Maggie's Farm originated in 2003, in Northern Virginia, and has moved to the Triangle. It only took one season to show that Maggie's Farm is the hardest partyin', most fun-havin' team in the NC Capital division.

**To play WAKA Kickball, you must be 21+ and have valid health coverage!**

To sign up:

  • Get things ready: Go here to sign in to WAKA; Go here if you need to register an account.
  • Complete the forms, as prompted by the website. It takes about one minute.
  • Find the division: After you are logged in, search for "Capital" via the Division Search, or find it on the North Carolina division list.
  • Join the group: Select "Maggie's Farm" from the list of groups at the bottom. I will then approve your membership, assuming of course, that the group isn't full-up.

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